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Just fell in love with this one, 5stars !

Stance Purchased

Very NICE !

a bit too much similar to “Summer Overture” by Clint Mansell, even if I’m sure that that was your target…. ;) But great sound and effectiveness! As always…

Amazing sounds… Thanks

thanks, guys

Downfall Purchased

sounds really nice – Great job mate :)

Not bad, good samples…

I thoroughly love this. What do you use?


Thanks! I use EastWest

@ Downfall and @Greenred – thanks for your comments!

Very nice work, EastWest orchestra samples are great

This is awesome, I’m so glad i found you on this site, I’ve spent the last 2 hours listening through your music and ALOT is so great. I really like this one. I don’t care the similarities to Clint Mansell and requiem for a dream (btw is one of the best soundtracks ever)

This one i will buy and use for a great scene in my next movie. how old are you btw?

p.s I haven’t find a website with your work featured, but if you don’t have one. Get one (I can help you =)

Take Care!


thank you very much for the comments! Actually, I think about my own website, but just don’t have enough sparse time to make it. Are you web designer?

tano Purchased

:) great music bro…! very inspirational…! bought it because i had InlifeThrill Project ‘Particles Inspiration’...


Thanks! let us see the project when finished, if you want.

vhuser Purchased

As soon as we’ve heard it – we purchased it because the composition can be applied to so many video clips.

Dmitry, an awesome alchemy of sounds on a dramatic journey.

How can one give it two “thumbs up” standing in awe??? =)))

The piece resonates…



Thanks a lot, Lu for your feedbacks!

Top work,

I have just listened to a bunch of your stuff.

I have been in web design for a few years now, and have always had a pet hate for music on web sites, but, I am gonna have to think of where I can include some of your tracks, they are fantastic!

I know this tune does certainly have some similarities to other well know and established pieces, but hell, i am contemplating putting this on my ipod. truley great stuff, I have bookmarked this and will be a follower from now on :D


Thank you very much, Ryan for your feedback!

This song is so amazing & beautiful I just had to tell you again. I listen to it every day. I’m a fan [blush].

And yes, I’m also using it in a project & other tracks of yours as well.

But even so, it’s totally worth what I paid just to be able to listen to it all the time & on my iPod.

VERY Well Done!

You’re a great artist!


Thank you so much for the feedback, I’m glad people like it :)!!!

Love this. But yes, it very much so reminds me of Clint Mansell’s main theme tracks for Requiem for a Dream. I don’t like how it came back in with the sudden quiet piano at around 2:50 but other than that it’s amazing! CK

WOW ! This is exactly what I was looking for! Thanks! Awesome work by the way… :)


Thank you for the feedback!

all your stuff is great, this is a bit too close to Requiem to use, but bought much of your other stuff!

Hello! I recently bought Cinematic package which included this song is “Dramatic Intro” very good. I will use for the start of a short film and I would like to indicate to the short name of the author of music. Soundroll “is the correct name? Greetings


Yes, you can add me as “Soundroll” or Dmitry Lifshitz. Thanks!

Sorry but “Dmitry” or “Dimitry”. Greetings


:) Dmitry! thanks!