Down the Brimstone Mines



This is an atmospheric ambient soundtrack which takes the listener into an atmosphere which is quite eerie, desolate and scary. It can be used for background music or underscoring in video games, videos or perhaps even your real-life Halloween-event!

The track starts off by gradually entering the brimstone mines. Once in there you are surrounded by a dark atmospheric sound, much drone and wind-alike. While you move through the mines the atmosphere varies continuously, introducing various other quite surreal dream-alike sounds. There’s alot of ghastly wailing to be heard. Also, as time is distorted in this setting, you’ll hear the echoing mining picks and the like from a time long gone. During the track you’ll also hear your mining carts ride over the rails.

The land is being heavily plagued by creatures from the underworld. Through research you and your fellow adventurers have learned about their center of operation. It is in a large space, hidden deep below the ground. The only way to get there is to descend through the brimstone mines. The dangers are great, for if it isn’t the immense power of these mighty demons themselves, it is for the brimstone mines. The mines are said to be haunted. The spirits of the fallen enslaved mine workers have been put under the forces of the demon lord and are now guarding the only way to their hideout. While the journey is long and slow, you and your fellow adventurers have prepared some mine carts to travel in. They are armed with all the tools necessary. While you venture deeper and deeper into the mines you hear the wailing of the ghosts, and you hear their minepicks echo from a time that once was. Time is twisted here… Will you make it to the very center?


This soundtrack is delivered in two file formats: a high quality WAV-format (industry standard 16-bit stereo 44.1kHz) and a high quality MP3-format (320kBs stereo). The total number of files is thus 2.

  • tmbhlwn_down_the_brimstone_mines.wav/.mp3: 5 minutes

Tombstone Halloween Collection

This soundtrack is part of Tombstone Halloween Collection, which contains a total of 5 atmospheric ambient sound tracks, where every track brings yet another eerie, desolate and scary atmosphere. Every track has its own unique setting and story to tell. Every track in the collection has a length of exactly 5 minutes making for a total length of 25 minutes! Through fading in and out at the beginnings and endings of the tracks, they can be overlapped with any of the other tracks in the collection for continuous playback or constant and smooth changing of scenery.



If you need an altered version of this item, e.g. another tempo, another key, or a specific stem, then feel free to contact me to discuss the possibilities.

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