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Great work on this one! You sure raise the bar for the rest of us here :)

Thanks for the kind feedback! :) We love your stuff, too!

pvphoto Purchased

I love the song man, got it immediately :)

great work

dowaah babaah :)

Thanks! Great that you liked it! :)

Ok this track made my day…no, my life :) Good one.


SERFmusic, thanks so much! We appreciate your feedback! :)

I like this track! ;) Very positive! 8)

I love this. Do you provide only one file, or do you supply all the tracks that are a part of it? I’d love to get the stems instead of the entire thing in one track. That would help me produce my project a lot easier to have separated vocal tracks.

When I select one of your products, would you be able to send me a ZIP of the separate tracks, or can I only buy the one track?

I love your work and can’t wait to purchase either way. I’m deciding between this one or the Colors of Life track.

Please let me know. Thanks!