Deep Evil Sinister Laughs


It would be fun to use this evil laugh as a ring tone on your cell phone, and perfect for a scary Halloween track, or can be used as a cool add-in for a song. It would even be cool to use in a cartoon, or any other project that fits. The laugh is evil, deep, sinister, mean sounding, raspy.

Sounds like someone who might experience great joy when something bad is going to happen, or he might be laughing at something unfortunate happening to someone or something.

Included in your download will be nine variations of the laugh. All of them can be heard on the preview and are at the following duration:

Evil-Laugh-1: 0:03
Evil-Laugh-2: 0:02
Evil-Laugh-3: 0:02
Evil-Laugh-4: 0:03
Evil-Laugh-5: 0:04
Evil-Laugh-6: 0:01
Evil-Laugh-7: 0:03
Evil-Laugh-8: 0:05
Evil-Laugh-9: 0:03

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