Dark, spine-chilling, nerve-racking, mysterious feel of ambience that makes any scene felt multiple times more intense. Lower down the volume a bit, then it will be perfect to fill the dialogue-based scene without distracting your audience.

The Files

I know you might want to loop some parts, and by manually cutting the audio file, you might not get a 100% perfect seamless loop. I understand, so I save your time here. You will get these 4 files upon purchasing:

Full Song

  1. FULL
    1 minute 12 seconds long. This is exactly what you hear in the preview. NOT loopable.


  1. Part A
    22 seconds long of the string-only part. Listen to 0:01 to 0:22 in the preview.
  2. Part B
    22 seconds long of where subtle beats start to enter. Listen to 0:23 to 0:45 in the preview.
  3. Part C
    11 seconds long of where drums built up. Listen to 0:45 till the end in the preview.