Damaged Spaceship Passing By

A spaceship passing by with doppler effect at high speed.
The ship has an engine noise that induces that is damaged or broken.
This is a pack of 8 spaceship sounds, each effect is a variation of the first ship passing at different speeds and doppler effect.

Suitable for cinematic effects, games, video, sci-fi movies and others media.

Damaged Spaceship Passing By.

1. Passing from left to right 0:05
2. Begins behind from the left, pass on it, and has just front from the right 0:09
3. Passing very fast from right to left 0:03
4. Passing very close from the right 0:07
5. Passing very close from the left 0:07
6. Passing from right to left 0:06
7. Passing fast from right to left 0:05
8. Passing fast from left to right 0:06