Cyber Warfare is…

- is a dark and tech sounding hybrid cinematic score, designed as an underscore or a theme for action-adventure films or gameplay. It contains both soft orchestral elements, as atmospheric strings, light brass and a mysterious piano, and electronic elements and effects, like big distorted dubstep basses, tech synth melodies and complex percussions, as well as big cinematic hits, to add a more modern or futuristic digital feel, as heard in current computer games and blockbuster super-hero movies.

- the structure is based on an evolving mood of suspense and tension. The intro is a dark pad accompanied by driving percussions and numerous tech, glitch, interface sound effects, which add to the hacker oriented sound of the track. The first level of suspense is provided by a fast synth melody, before the deep bass comes in, with a pronounced sense of danger and tension, while maintaining a cool and modern hybrid sound, popular in secret agents and crime scene investigation type of films and TV shows. The intensity increases even more before a deep pulsing bass only breakdown, followed by a somewhat resolution sounding end section. Loops are provided to accommodate all your project’s musical needs.

Useful as…

- background music for commercials, media advertising, websites or video presentations for projects dealing with dark, pg-rated video games, like hack and slash or space adventures. Great for tech reviews, tutorials and game walktroughs, as well. It can also work for movie trailers and scores, mostly action thrillers or science fiction films. The sound is oriented towards scenes of advanced technology involved in hacking ops or intricate hi-tech heists performed by cool looking professionals dressed all in black.

- this is suitable for stealth video games, be it a first-person (or third-person) shooter or even a platform game. It’s the perfect soundtrack for those levels when the hero must infiltrate an enemy military compound and he must remain undetected for the course of the mission. All killings must be performed with mêlée weapons, like a knife, a garotte, brass knuckles, a stun gun or a tranquilizer and maybe a pistol with a silencer. The constant tension of the music suggests the ever present armed guards or surveillance cameras, which must be avoided at all cost. The same applies to dynamic action movies, about spies and special agents, who must extract top secret papers from buildings with state of the art security.

Files included

- the following versions and loops are provided so that the music can be suited and edited to various visuals, including as background for game levels or epic trailers:

  • Full version (2:45) – heard at the beginning of the preview
  • Melody Loop (0:24) – first level of suspense, heard on the preview 2:45-3:08
  • Bass Loop 1 (0:48) – second level of suspense, heard on the preview 3:09-3:57
  • Bass Loop 2 (0:24) – third level of suspense, increased intensity, heard on the preview 3:58-4:22
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