A cute and sunny acoustic tune, which starts from a funny beatboxing and grows into a cheerful ensemble.
Features beatboxing, banjo, ukulele, piano, violin, celesta, bells, claps, shakers and bongos.

This track is perfect for cheerful commercials, kids and family ads, any sort of quirky and positive media .

Package Contains Two Versions & Additional Loops:

1. Main Version (2:10)
2. Second Version, without violin (2:10) – starts at 2:21 of Preview
3. Loop 1, light main theme (0:12) – starts at 4:25 of Preview
4. Loop 2, heavier main theme (0:12) – starts at 4:41 of Preview
5, End Sequence, to finish your custom track (0:29) – starts at 4:56 of Preview

WAV & MP3 of all versions are included.

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