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Curious Neighbor, music by Krank Audio

Two mixes, + 2 :60 edits included!

Here is a light, quirky orchestral track, that conjures up images of suburbs, domestic living, snooping around, and a general curiosity. Perfect for sitcoms, commercials, presentations, web , video games, or anytime an authentic air of sneaking around or curiosity is needed. Great for Halloween trick or treat scenes too! The :60 edit, has a slightly longer tail that can be easily faded out for a true :60 if needed.

To hear the “No Bells” version, please start the preview at 1:09, for the 60 second edit, start the preview at 2:18, and for the “No Bells” :60 edit, start at 3:20.

Files included with this download in mp3 & wav format:

Curious Neighbor – Full (1:09)
Curious Neighbor – No Bells (1:09)
Curious Neighbor – Full 60 sec (1:01)
Curious Neighbor – No Bells 60 sec (1:01)

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Sneaking Around
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