Crossing the River Styx



This is an atmospheric ambient soundtrack which takes the listener into an atmosphere which is quite eerie, desolate and scary. It can be used for background music or underscoring in video games, videos or perhaps even your real-life Halloween-event!

Just when you thought you’d seen and done it all during your adventures, you are sent out to slay Medusa; a gorgon ‘living’ at the very edge of the underworld, in the realm of Hades. From the wisdom you received from the three Stygian Witches, you learned that the only way to get to Medusa, is by crossing the river Styx. The river Styx is the boundary between Earth and the underworld. The journey is long and the waters are not safe for human beings, or let me say: living beings. The only way to cross the waters is through Charon; the undead ferryman who’s doomed to paddle the Styx for all eternity. To call him you blow Charon’s horn, hanging from a tree at the edge of the river and then you give him a gold coin. And so you do. The moment Charon enters you boldly give him the coin and enter his boat. Your journey across the Styx starts now. This track is a sonic representation of how it would sound like to travel to the Underworld across the Styx. Will you make it?

The track begins in the land of the living; you are arriving by foot at the edge of the river Styx. You’ll hear some wind and tree leaves passing by. You grasp the blowhorn and blow it twice to call Charon the Styx’s ferryman. You’ll hear a reply from Charon. While Charon comes closer, you’ll hear his paddling in the water and the cracking of his wooden boat increase in volume. The moment you first see his boat and also when you enter the boat you hear a subtle suspense hit. This hit occurs some more times in the track, though even more subtle. At this point you’re at about 30% of the track. The remainder of the track you’ll hear the paddling in the water and the cracking off the boat. While you venture further across the Styx you’ll hear an increasing presence of ghosts wailing, with every now and then some growling from the river monsters and snakes. The entire trip is accompanied in a subtle manner by 6 French horns.


This soundtrack is delivered in two file formats: a high quality WAV-format (industry standard 16-bit stereo 44.1kHz) and a high quality MP3-format (320kBs stereo). The total number of files is thus 2.

  • tmbhlwn_crossing_the_river_styx.wav/.mp3: 5 minutes

Tombstone Halloween Collection

This soundtrack is part of Tombstone Halloween Collection, which contains a total of 5 atmospheric ambient sound tracks, where every track brings yet another eerie, desolate and scary atmosphere. Every track has its own unique setting and story to tell. Every track in the collection has a length of exactly 5 minutes making for a total length of 25 minutes! Through fading in and out at the beginnings and endings of the tracks, they can be overlapped with any of the other tracks in the collection for continuous playback or constant and smooth changing of scenery.



If you need an altered version of this item, e.g. another tempo, another key, or a specific stem, then feel free to contact me to discuss the possibilities.

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