This musical piece is one of my favorites. It has a “circus” feel to it. Have you ever been to the circus? It’s fun, isn’t it?! Lately, I’ve been sitting back and reflecting on this world we live in. It’s like a circus to me, except it’s not always fun. There’s a lot of ups and definitely a lot of downs. This musical piece was made to define the “struggling” part of the circus…. when the trampoline guy falls down and breaks his neck…. when the lions and tigers turn on thier trainers…. when the elephants attack the audience…. when the clowns are running around crazy and are not as happy as they appear. The whole world’s a circus.

This piece would be good for any artist (rapper/singer) with the hunger to be different. This musical piece would also be great for TV/film in expressing a very cool-yet-youthful demeanor. This piece can also be a backround song to any transitional scenes for shows possessing a young urban flare.

Instruments used:

  • 808 drums
  • hand claps
  • live hats
  • oscillated bass
  • tweaked pianos
  • various synthesizers
  • horns
  • bells
  • strings
  • various JQuinn layering

Instructions: Bring in the “Loop” file into your favorite editor and simply copy and paste to extend the loop to the desired length. That’s it!

Notes: File contains the loop and a lopped sample. If you need a custom intro or variations for this particular loop then feel free to contact us and we will be more then happy to help you out.


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