Here it is.

The best value to your spend money. Very well spend in that case.

I would like to present pack my the best (I think) motivational tunes. Including my popular Eco-rporate – very positive and uplifting. Bring happiness to everyone.

I save the words – listen and buy – you are the winner in this game.

Tracks used:

1. Eco-rporate – 2:17
2. Eco-rporate 8 – 1:56
3. Eco-rporate 4 – dance – 2:02
4. Eco-rporate 5 – 2:27
5. We Are The Winners – 3:25
6. Eco-rporate 7 – 1:45

So … what can I add. All of them very positive and brings you joy of life. “Eco-rporate 4 – dance” and “We Are The Winners” are more energetic – they are closer to techno – house style. Don’t try them in the car. You doing it on your own.

You find in those compositions whole spectrum of sounds: acoustic guitars and pianos, natural and synthetic strings, real and electronic drums. Synthetic leads and brasses and of course nice and moody pads.