Did you ever wonder how exceeded expectations sound like? Buy this track and hear it yourself! As a background for your product presentation, it will drive the buyers to believe in the power of your product.

Carefree simplicity and positively bold attitudes are the main ingredients of this track. Your advertising speech is not the thing to compete with, so the melodic content has been simplified to a pure burst of positive emotions. From excitement, confidence towards a bold enthusiasm of certain success, this track is saying loud, that this is not just another product ad, but something that will exceed all possible expectations.

Starting with piano arpeggio, it bursts out with powerful strings theme, accompanied with modern sounding synth bass, drums and sythetic pads in background.

The archive file contains both MP3 and WAV formats, both looped and faded out versions:

2:36 – CorporateBackground_fade.mp3
2:36 – CorporateBackground_fade.wav
2:35 – CorporateBackground_loop.mp3
2:35 – CorporateBackground_loop.wav

This track is also available at a lower price in this music pack:
- Corporate Background Pack

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