Hello and welcome to my Cool Funky Retro Grooves music pack.

10 fantastic, inspiring, quality tunes – ideal for background music, theme tunes and advertising!

80’s Prog Rock Hero Progressive Rock…turn it on again! Inspired by bands and artists from the 1970’s and 1980’s…I thought I’d imagine what it might sound like if Jeff Beck got a job playing for Phil Collins and Genesis, with a splash of Marillion and It Bites style flavour thown in for good measure I have kept things fairly straightforward and uncluttered so this rockin’ fanfare can be used easily for a variety of needs such as advertising, motivational corporate work, radio and games etc. I have included Loops for Verse, Chorus and Breakdown sections in addition to a Main File with short fade out. This way you can tailor the piece to fit your project perfectly.

Files included: Main Piece with fade 2:00 Verse Loop 0:21 Chorus Loop 0:21 Breakdown Loop 0:21 BPM 138

The Popcorn King B-movie sci fi horror drive ins under a dark black Texan sky. Zombies, aliens, monsters, creatures from another dimension and beer. Inspired by the cult classic novel ‘The Drive In’ by Joe Lansdale, it’s funky rockabilly weirdness and I love it. It would also be perfectly at home as an American deep south theme or country twanged and styled project. You can almost picture the heat of the sun drenched landscape. The tumbleweed rolling by in the dry Nevada desert or the vast open sweep of the grand canyon as the cowboys ride into view, heading out to the ranch to take care of business.

Files included: Main tune 2:10 BPM 92

Black Tentacles This Is a warm, mellow, sweet, melancholy guitar track with bags of feeling. It features clever use of jazz harmony and melody, entwined to form a catchy, interesting tune. With subtle undertones of acoustic fingerpicking and understated use of bass and percussion the jazzy blues guitar riff flows with grace between the verse and chorus sections. All this happens over an infectious and funky 6/8 feel.

Files included: Main Piece 3:02 BPM 88

Disco Bob It’s Bobby Bob and he’s a funky cat! This is a smooth, jazz rock influenced piece of lounge, funk and soul. With a cool laid back groovy vibe it features phased electric piano to great effect. It has that 1970’s west coast feel, influenced by the mighty sounds of Steely Dan and the elegant progressions found in the disco music of the legend Quincy Jones and Brothers Johnson. It contains a terrific Fender Rhodes solo in the middle break section before heading back into a glorious, upbeat, uplifting ending. Get down!

Files included: Main tune 2:55 BPM 100

Chrome Android Banana Warehouse This is a funky, medium paced groove in a lazy west coast jazz pop fusion style. Influenced by sounds of the 70’s and 80’s with acts such as Steely Dan and Nik Kershaw, it contains a pumping synth bass is accompanied by rhodes, organ, guitars and the occasion oxygenated Jean Michel Jarre styled, breathy solo synth line. It has an uplifting blues based middle section to break up the repetition. I Hope you enjoy it as much as I did laying it down!

Files included: Main tune 2:04 BPM 110

Truckin Get on down that dusty trail cowboy! A laid back, easy, smooth, rockabilly country and western guitar based foot tapper. Images of Americana and the deep south come to mind. Driving a huge, gas guzzling 18 wheeler down the highway, across the states, smoking cigars and drinking whisky. A ten gallon hat, attitude, shades and style. Come on join that convoy…10-4 rubber duck!

Files included: Main tune 1:59 BPM 180

Slap Head I’m an 80’s child. I grew up loving the hard groove and smooth electronic sounds of the Brit funk movement and the pumping synth filled, slap and pop bass sounds of late 70’s American jazz funk movement. Player’s such as Mark King, Stanley Clarke, Louis Johnson and Larry Graham. This is a groovy retro inspired nostalgic slap bass nod to that era and those players and styles. With an infectious groove this piece is dominated by a thunderous bass sound over laid back subtle drums and synth sounds. The chorus has a neat simple rock guitar melody that lifts the piece over intricate, interesting bass riffs. My thumb hurts… Enjoy!

Files included: Full version 4:01 Looped 0:55

Synthetic Waterfall Cascade I wrote this as a nostalgic nod toward the old computers that I grew up with… Sinclair, Apple, BBC Micro even the odd IBM box. I fondly remember the tape drives, floppy disks, old RGB monitors, dot matrix printers, bits & bytes and typing endless software code in basic from a magazine! It is also a kind of retro homage to some of the great and wonderful electronic artists that I enjoyed in the 70’s and early 80’s. Musicians such as Kraftwork and Jean Michel Jarre to mention just a couple. The piece is mainly build around a synth bass line. It features a verse, bridge, chorus structure. I particularly like the the uplifting, positive chorus section with it’s orchestral strings which could easily be used for something alone perhaps as an intro or outro for a project.

Files included: Main Piece 2:37 BPM 104

Pool Lights A smooth funky electric piano piece with a pulsing synth bass. A nice live feel and cool groove. With a relentless drive and energy the vibe flows like water around a solid, tight rhythmic foundation. I pictured Hollywood opulence and wealth. Exotic swimming pools at night, fast cars cruising through the hills and valleys, enjoying the warm breezy heat of late evening.

Files included: Main Piece 1:40 BPM 94

80’s Racing Snake A quick homage to 80’s synth based pop and sounds. A bright, energetic piece of electronica. The middle section includes a twisting, turning solo..like a snake charmer’s melody turned up to eleven and played on a vintage analog gem. ‘Jump’ to the brassy, full synthesiser stabs as they create dynamic motion around a pumping, driving funky bass line.

Files included: Main Piece 1:25 BPM 135