A lively and beautiful Christmas collection of 6 Christmas songs! The pieces range from joyful and fun orchestras, to peaceful piano and bells. This Christmas pack offers a huge variety of different Christmas music and will give you everything you need for your upcoming holiday projects.

This music pack includes:

Joyful Christmas (1:04) – A warm and festive Christmas song played by an orchestra. From woodblocks to sleigh bells, this song is perfect for your Christmas project.

Christmas Shopping (1:06) – A light and fluffy Christmas piece that fits perfectly as a background to any of your Christmas projects. The song also works great for any of your holiday commercial projects.

Santa’s Workshop (1:00) – A playful and magical orchestral piece that will immediately get you in the spirit of Christmas! Give your Christmas projects a joyful and exciting sound with “Santa’s Workshop”!

Christmas Orchestra (3:00) – “Christmas Orchestra” is a based on a glorious holiday classic that instantly gives that wonderful Christmas feeling that we all know and love. The song includes a grand piano, full size orchestra, choirs and bells.

Christmas Music Box (0:56) – A gentle and heartwarming Christmas piece using a music box. This song will work great for any of your Christmas projects.

Oh Christmas Tree (0:56) – A timeless Christmas classic played using a piano and christmas bells.

WAV and MP3 are included for all the songs in this music pack

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