A bundle of three high quality, happy and uplifting, motivational music tracks from my portfolio.

Tracks are;

1. Look on the bright side The track included in this pack is the version with whistling. Look on the bright side is a happy, cheery and uplifting motivational track. Opening with acoustic guitar and ukulele the track builds using various instruments including piano, glockenspiel, celesta, accordion and harmonica. The track then closes with a melodic outro on (1:50)

(1) Main file with and without whistling, duration (2:24)

(2) Loop one with and without whistling, 0:41-0:55 seconds, duration (0:14 secs)

(3) Loop two harmonica loop, 1:22-1:36 seconds, duration (0:14 secs)

2. happy life is a bright, encouraging, positive, joyful and inspiring track with an open sounding feel that is guaranteed to put you in a good mood. Starting with a basic piano line slowly evolving into a melodic easy on the ear piece of music using the celesta, fingerpicked acoustic piano. Great for presentations, commercials, web, podcasts, television and radio advertising.

(1) Main file. Duration = 2:06

(2) Short file, commercial edit. Duration = 1:50

3. love your smile opening with a dancing keyboard riff and muted guitar followed swiftly by a soft piano melody, the track builds towards a warm, crescendo with giutar riff and strings before descending towards the outro. An uplifting happy track in a pop/rock style, ideal for corporate and business presentations, motivational and sports background. Instruments used include; piano, delayed guitars, bells, strings, bass and drums.

(1) Main file. Duration 2:09

(2) Loop file one 0:12-0:38. Duration 24 seconds

(3) Loop file two 1:00-1:12. Duration 12 Seconds

All tracks in high quality wav and mp3 formats.

If these tracks are not suitable for your project, you might like one of my other packs, thanks for looking.

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