club loops pack

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the description:

Very dynamic and bright audio loops in the style a Club House. Club Loops Pack it is a combination of an electronic rhythm and the powerful synthesized bass.

the pack includes 7 audio loops at one price 25$

pack includes:

1. Club House 1 Loop 130bpm; 0:59 Club House 1 Loop

2. Club House 2 Loop 1 128bpm; 2:00 Club House 2 Loop

Club House 2 Loop 2 128bpm; 0:15

Club House 2 Loop 3 128bpm; 0:15

3. Club House 3 Loop 130bpm; 0:59 Club House 3 Loop

4. Club House 4 Loop 128bpm; 0:30

5. Club House 5 Loop 128bpm; 1:00 Club House 5 Loop

This audio loops can be bought separately in SingleMedia portfolio

item support:

Dear buyers, if you had questions concerning this item, I ask to contact me or through the profile page: SingleMedia (24 hours)

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Thank you so much!