Classy Corporate Logo Music Pack

A pack containing three of my recent logos. Buy all 3 and you’ll save money. They are very similar in tone. Classy, elegant, and minimalist, perfect for a discrete company logo.

Files are provided in MP3 and WAV .

In addition, if you like this pack of logos, you may be interested in some longer form music with a similar theme.

Uplifting And Emboldening Music Pack


- Classy Ident 2 0:09

This track specifically features a solo violin, that build gradually in tension and then releases on a soft reversed metallic hit at the end, providing a clear sync point for you to animate your logo to.

- Classy Ident 3 0:08

Another clean and elegant logo that utilizes plucked strings and bells. There is a clear build from start to finish, and also a clear out point, making timing a breeze. Suitable for corporate logos and production company idents.

- Classy Ident 1 0:08

There are two ever so slightly different versions in this which you can hear in the preview.

Classy Ident 1a – this logo has a more neutral melody in the electric piano that plays.

Classy Ident 1b – this logo has an optimistic ending, where the electric piano melody goes up at the end.