Cinematic Pack of 8 Epic Tracks

Bring your world to life with this royalty-free music pack.

A selection of tracks with epic orchestrations and styles which evoke the past, present or future. Styles that are represented: modern minimalist, epic orchestral trailer music, celtic / historical and synth / futuristic. The tracks range from dramatic and filled with energy and inspiration, to dark and atmospheric.

This pack of 8 is the best of Toivo Media cinematic music, and is great value. All tracks are also available individually.

Tracks Included:

01 – Battle of the Ancients – 2:06

A cinematic track with pounding percussion and orchestrations. Acoustic guitar and pipes add a traditional, celtic touch.

02 – Sunspire – 2:55 – Recommended by top games composer Alexander Brandon (composer for games such as Unreal Tournament, Deus Ex…)

Bright and catchy synth sound, with a mix of electronic and world music influences. There are oriental touches in the melodies, the percussion has a tribal style.

03 – The Lost Moment – 1:42

An orchestral film score track with a modern minimalist sound. Dynamic composition with a suspenseful beginning building to an epic crescendo.

04 – Inspirational Theme – 1:52 – Featured on Reach For the Sky Video.

Inspiring and motivational orchestral track with emotional build-up and release.

05 – Uplifting Theme – 2:14

Upbeat motivational track with energetic rhythm and catchy piano. Inspired by the Finnish word toivo, meaning hope.

06 – Sunrise – 2:53

An orchestral track with energy and emotion. The sound of a new beginning, a new sunrise.

07 – Rise of an Empire – 1:59

Epic trailer or intro track with a big cinematic sound. Dramatic and ominous sound will add huge scale and tension to an action scene.

08 – Pallor Memoria – 4:54

An orchestral film score track with a dark and melancholic atmosphere. Church bells and pounding drum rhythms add a medieval touch.

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