Cinematic Music Pack I

Cinematic Music Pack I

Take your video project to the next level with these high quality cinematic music tracks! Cinematic Music Pack I offers you altogether 7 tracks of various cinematic elements:

Epic Chase – 0:55

Hero For A day – 2:33

Hero For A Day (Short Version) – 1:33 (Also in the preview!)

EPIK – 2:45

Into The Light – 3:38

Thrilling Trailer Music – 1:18

Dead Man’s Alley – 0:59

Description of the tracks:

1. Epic Chase (0:55):

A thrilling cinematic music piece. Perfect for trailers, epic intros and finales, video games and all sorts of chase scenes full of action. The instrumentation includes brass, strings, woodwinds and various percussions.

2. Hero For A Day (2:33):

Cinematic track that reminds of the neo-romantic music of those great Hollywood adventure films of the 80’s! The instrumentation of this epic, melodic theme music includes horns, other brass, strings, percussions and woodwinds.

3. Hero For A Day (Short Version) (1:33):

The title says it all: a shorter version of the “Hero For A day” -track.

4. EPIK (2:45):

Dramatic orchestral track which takes you to the worlds of marvel, grandeur and imagination. I have envisioned it as an opening theme song or accompaning an epic cinematic scenes of movies or video games. The instrumentation includes brass, choir, big drums, various other percussions like the snare drum and strings.

5. Into The Light (3:38):

A light cinematic song with a bright, uplifting feel. Perfect for trailers, presentations, commercials etc. The instrumentation includes for example piano, choir, strings, glockenspiel, flutes, various percussions and acoustic guitars.

6. Thrilling Trailer Music (1:18):

Thrilling track which is perfect for film or video game trailers. This electronic track begins with a suspenseful feeling and develops towards its intense ending. The instrumentation includes big drums, piano, synth pads and lots of electronic sounds.

7. Dead Man’s Alley (0:59)

Cinematic theme music with a western feeling. The instrumentation includes for example electric guitars, mouth organ and snare drum. This slow and rather melancholy theme song would be perfect for trailers, video games, commercials or presentations which are about The West, saloons, prairie and etc. or anything with that kind of an edge. Yihaa!

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