Cinemaholik – In this package we have four compositions that exude melancholy, depression and uncertainty… I recommend this package for any Video project that requires such an atmosphere!

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The Main File Include (Wav-Mp3):

1. Sneaky Secret - 3:48 (90 bpm)
This is an acoustics piece with a positive attitude. It inspires thinking and a misterious mood.
2. Alibaba’s Cave - 2:20 (75 bpm)
It has a secret in the beginning, but develops to words the discovery of a long hidden secret and it is sun-soaked revealing. The composition has mythical Eastern elements.
3. Melancholik - 2:09 (105 bpm)
With a sax dominantly floating through the melody, we can say this piece is nostalgic. Like its name says, it expresses melancholy sadness.
4. Foreboding - 1:47 (90 bpm)
Restless, but the monotonous tone of this composition, predict and are presumed bad events or Disaster…

Each track can be purchased separately, or the whole package for half price! :)

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