photo christmasstoryphoto_zps81f2606f.jpg This is a magical piece like you hear in a children movies. Music is based on a Christmas mood. It has got a happy melody, a lot of bell sounds, and a very developed orchestral background. I included four versions. First one is main and has got more mood changes. Second one is main but made to be easily looped. Third one is a bit shorter, and the fourth one is slower and shorter, and very simple.

1. Christmas Story ( 1:48)

2. Christmas Story-Looped (1:44) ..starting at 1:48

3. Christmas Story 2 …..(0:42) ...starting at 3:36

4. Christmas Story 3 ....(0:18) ...starting at 4:19

Notice !!! Since track 1 is added later, this track is not included if you purchase Christmas story within a Cinematic Christmas Pack 1 !

This item is used in following video projects : Memory Icons, Christmas Banners, Stylised Christmas Pack, Handwritten Holiday Greetings

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