Melodic christmassy dreamlike logo. Perfect for greeting video cards and short AE project.

Great After Effects project Exotic Christmas with this audio. Author: steve314

Amazing After Effects project Christmas / New Year Opener with this audio. Author: xFxDesigns

Perfect After Effects project Christmas Opener Clean with this audio. Author: shankybroz

Cool After Effects project From 2014 to 2015 Happy New Year Animation with this audio. Author: KannaA

My Favourite Tracks
Source of Inspiration – sweet, gentle and melodic corporate track.
Freedom – romantic, inspirational sound.
Rush – passionate orchestral track.
Royal – proud, noble and majestic audio
Sentimental – beautiful, romantic and soft background.
Tears of Pride on a Pedestal – sensual, heartfelt and touching corporate music
Climbing – motivational, strong and energetic audio
Travel – inspiring, lively and melodic sound
Fashion Party – rhythmic and dancing track
Successful Business Journey – bright, melodic, uplifting background

My BESTSELLERS Corporate and Motivation Packs of AUDIO Corporate and Motivation Orchestra POWER Dramatic and Sentimental Happy, Cheerful Acoustic Audio Logo Dark, Horror