Old piano melody with solo part glotskenspel creates feelings of Child miracle in which we all believed in childhood.

Childrens track for slideshows, movies, tv shows or other video.
Enjoy :)
BPM: 60

Purchased file contains:
1. Childrens Wishes (Original) – 1:48
2. Childrens Wishes (Piano version) – 1:48
3. Childrens Wishes (Loop 1) – 0:12
4. Childrens Wishes (Loop 2) – 0:24
5. Childrens Wishes (Loop 3) – 0:12

MP3 and WAV versions included for your convenience.

To buyers:
If you like the song, but it is not appropriate for any parameters (time, tune or else) write to me via email and I will correct composition by your wishes.

If you buy my music, I’d really like to know which projects it has been used, so please send me an email through form on my main page.

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