Hello and welcome to my first children’s music pack…it’s a whopper!

10 fantastic, fun, light hearted pieces, ideal for cartoons and games:

Horrace goes to Russia When I was younger I used to love playing videogames. In particular, cartoon like platform titles… featuring bears and birds and plumbers etc… This piece came about as a homage to some of the cool soundtracks that accompanied the fun, indeed helped make those games special and enjoyable. This is a very playful, childlike, friendly, happy, cheeky piece of music.

Files included: Main Theme 2:11 Loop Extension Version (can be used on it’s own) 0:27

Snakes and Ladders Whether it’s a beanstalk, a tree, a rope, a ladder…children just love to climb things! Up we go and then oops, down we go again. This playful, happy, jolly childlike theme keeps on rising up and up until….weeee back to the start again and try once more. It features a fun, silly melody that keeps going through different keys. It plays out on the vibraphone, glockenspiel and old cheesy organ with acoustic bass, piano and drums providing the background. I really enjoyed writing this, it sounds a bit like a fairground ride on the waltzers or a carousel. Like an old music hall theatre organ treat. I hope it makes somebody smile.

Files included: Main theme 3:23 Loop version 2:08

Ants vs Robots Hear the scuttling, scampering ants swarm to take on the computerised silicon wizardry of the clever robots. This is a fast paced, frenzy of technological circuitry against nature’s colonial wizards. Well, something like that anyway. It’s a fun, short, energetic piece ideally suited for videogames or children’s programming.

Files included: Main Theme with fade: 1:00 Loop version: 0:26

Creepy Crabs Here come those crusty creepy crustaceans, snipping and snapping with their claws. Scuttling along on the beach, in the rock pools and hiding in the seaweed! This is a short piece, designed as background music. It could be used in other ways I am sure, perhaps as typewriter backing? I have kept it really simple and unobtrusive to make it ideal for voiceover use.

Files included: Main tune with fade 1:00 Extension Loop 0:15 (for adding on to allow for clean start)

Attack of the Frogs Watch out for those Frogs! This is a short comical background piece, suitable for children’s programming such as cartoons or similar. It features a quirky, fun, offbeat theme/pattern based around a cheesy organ sound. In my mind I pictured funny animals, bouncing and hopping along, which is where the title came from. I didn’t put a melody on to allow for voiceover work to be easier etc..

Files included: Main theme with short fade 1:04 Loop 0:16

Norman’s Song This is a quirky piano piece with a wild west cowboy inspired melody accompanied by tuba and squeeze box! A fun, light hearted piece, it starts with a jolly, playful theme inspired by wild west movie bar room dancehall played on the honky tonk piano. It then drops to a bridge section featuring light bell sounds descending around a well disguised latin pattern before a stop and a run up a modern Japanese scale…of all things!

Track length 1:37

Melvin the Haunted Milkman A spooky creeping fun orchestral theme. Melvin, the happy ghost, haunts the streets…delivering his phantom milk bottles around to the children of the village as they sleep, dreaming. He lives up in his haunted house on the hill, only coming down once a year at halloween This is a playful, mysterious but pleasant background tune. Ideally suited for use with cartoons, platform games, TV and advertising. It suggest a story of magic and childlike curiosity.

Track length 2:26

Ringo’s Magical Flying Flea Circus Watch Ringo, the most splendid and famous of all magical, flying, fleas…take to the high wire, ride the elephant, tame the lions and juggle and breath fire. Roll up, roll up and laugh and smile like a small child as he steps atop his unicycle and joins the clowns for fun and frolics under the big top! A circus carnival, cartoon like, fun, amusing, jolly orchestral piece. Ideal for children’s programming.

Track length 2:10

Chuck the Fish Plenty more fish in the sea? Throw back the little ones? Gone fishing?Actually my little fish ‘Chuck’ sadly passed away this morning…so I thought I would write a playful, fun, happy tune to remember him by This piece is a jazzy 6/8 swinging, waltzing and joyful tune. Ideal for animation, cartoons, children’s entertainment or educational programming. Although I wrote it with a childlike quality in mind, it could also be used in other contexts as it is an interesting jazz track in it’s own right. I pictured a game of fishing, with the splashing jazz chord chorus, descending as the fish are caught and either let go or kept (as at the end of the tune with the repeating pattern).

Track length 2:00

Toy Soldiers War! What is it good for? Absolutely Nothing… Unless of course you are children in which case it’s immense fun! Rat tat tat tat… playing with toy soldiers. With friends in the park, at school. Pretending to fight battles and win the day! Parachuting commandos in to daring, exciting missions behind enemy lines in the bathtub, splashing about. Fighting against the odds, re-enacting the American Civil war on the kitchen table or in front of the telly with a bag of sweets and fizzy pop. Well, these are my childhood memories, playing and having a great time, growing up with my collection of seasoned, plastic veterans… This piece follows a simple AB structure and is quite unobtrusive to allow for voice over work etc.. It would be great for children’s programming, cartoons or perhaps advertising uses. Happy Days!

Files included: Main File with Fade 2:00 Main File for Looping (no fade) 2:00