Hello and welcome to my third children’s music pack…it’s bonkers!

10 fantastic, fun, light hearted pieces, ideal for cartoons and games:

Kung Fu Super Cop Dirty Barry is Kung Fu Super Cop. Keeping the streets of San Francisco safe. At night he fights crime, by day he is a mild mannered janitor. On patrol in the dark, dangerous alleys with his Nunchuks at the ready or speeding to the rescue in his yellow and black mustang. Do you feel lucky punk? well do ya? It’s the 1970’s and the villains have control of the city, ordinary cops run and hide, afraid for their lives. Who can they turn to for help….Kung Fu Super Cop….Hi Yaaaa!! Ideal for cartoons, games, comedy sketches, background, pastiche work.

Files included: Main tune 3:20 Loop Version 1:36 BPM 120

George and the Dragon By ‘eck lad. George is a Lancashire lad, born n’ bred. From Rochdale in the north of merry old England! He plays in the local brass band with his dad. Well, George has a vivid imagination and sometimes when he is out playing his trumpet he dreams of days of old…Knights in shining armour, riding his trusty steed, rescuing maidens and marrying a princess. He lives in a world of make believe and fantasy…fighting fire breathing dragons with the ancient Lancastrian martial art of ‘ecky thump! In his mind he is a famous king with a magical sword, pulled from the stone….then he wakes and finds the band has arrived at it’s destination…the Red Dragon Pub!

Files included: Main 2:04 Loop Version 0:37 BPM 90

Crazy Bert and the Samba Taxi Crazy Bert…New York cab driver just bought a new Taxi. He got a great deal from a guy down in Rio, selling refurbished cars. Well, as he starts his first day in his new automobile, things are going great until a girl called Lola gets in. The car suddenly beeps it’s horn and sets off on it’s own! The radio starts blasting groovy latin vibes..the Cha Cha Cha, Salsa, a Samba…it’s alive! The yellow peril rocks from side to side, weaving and dancing through the hot sunny city as if it’s hips were swaying to the music Bert tries to steer the car but it has a mind of it’s own…where is it headed? As they turn the corner, they see the sign out front. The Copacabana club. Oh crumbs.

Files included: Main theme 3:00 Barebones version (no melody) 3:00 BPM 104

Land of the Woodpeckers Rat ta tat tat! Deep in the woods lies the kingdom of Woody Alan, ruler of the woodpeckers. Sat of his throne, playing his clarinet and telling funny jokes and wise cracks, much to the amusement of his friends. This is a fun and light hearted orchestral comedy cartoon piece. Ideal for children’s programming, games, television and radio uses. Enjoy!

Files included: Main 3:00 Loop Version 1:20 BPM 120

Alien Invasion of Paris The little green men have landed! Flying saucers swoop down to attack. The streets of Paris are been invaded by martians. Metal dustbins on wheels hold their evil minions as they lay waste to the city. Burning the Eiffel tower with their deadly heat ray and shrinking the Louvre to the size of a peanut for easy storage. They have come to sample the famous cooking of the French. These evil little fellows are hungry and must have their supper before they move on to conquer the rest of the planet!

Files included: Main 2:08 Loop Version 0:32 BPM 120

Baby’s First Christmas Christmas is coming and everyone is so excited. The xmas tree is up with lots of lovely lights and decorations. Santa Claus is getting his sleigh ready and his elves are so very busy packing all the little children’s presents into the sacks. The reindeer have been fed and crisp and even snow is on the ground just in time for thanksgiving. This year is extra special as the family have a newborn baby to celebrate with as well. It’s going to be a wonderful festive time as the bells ring out and the joy and happiness of the season brings fun and good times for all.

Files included: Main tune 2:30 Loop Version 0:43 BPM 90

Dr.Horrible’s House of Terror The abominable Dr. Horrible rides again! Creepy church organ music for the brave at heart. Dripping blood and nasty surprises lurk around every corner at the house on the hill. The evil doctor stirs his vats of smoking mystery and ghoulish invention ready for the time to bring his macabre creations to life. As the clock strikes, Halloween begins and his minions shudder towards the sleeping folk and the unsuspecting children of the village. Who will stop his demonic devices and put an end to this madness? Ideal as background music for Halloween or ghost story voiceover work. Kept deliberately simple to allow for appropriate sound effects to be added as and when required.

Files included: Main tune 2:10 Extension Loop 0:27 BPM 190 (as a waltz)

(The extension loop doesn’t have a clean start but can be used with the main file which does to create the desired length of music)

Tortoise Tightrope Circus Roll up roll up. Welcome ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls…to the wonderful, extraordinary Tortoise Tightrope Circus. Watch and marvel as our daring reptile acrobats leap through the air and onto the wire of doom! See never before acts of incredible courage as high above the ring our heroes swing through the canopy on the trapeze, flying through the air and being caught by our strongman Barry the butch as he balances high above the crowd as they gasp with amazement as the strands of fate hold our mighty performers from falling to certain peril. This is the fastest tightrope act in tortoise carnival history folks…don’t miss out…book your tickets today! Ideal for cartoons, children’s programming, games and other fun uses

Files included: Main theme 2:00 Loop Version 0:50 BPM 130

Elizabeth’s Music Box Elizabeth has a music box her grandfather gave her. She thinks it is magical. Every night she winds it up and listens to the lovely sweet melody it plays as she starts to drift off to sleep, dreaming of happy thoughts. Cute bunny rabbits and meadows full of flowers and all things nice as the lullaby works it’s magic and sends the little girl off to la la land, away with the faeries. This piece features a tempo slow down at the end to mimic the effect of the mechanism winding down. I include this part as a separate file so you can add it to the loop version to create the desired length of music.

Files included: Main tune 1:16 Loop Version 0:23 Ending 0:30 BPM 83

The Egg Rides Again! Which came first, the chicken or the egg? This is my fanfare for the common egg. It’s jolly, quirky and most of all, good fun. It was originally written as a theme tune demo for a platform computer video game. I think it would be excellent used in children’s programming and for cartoons or educational projects as well. It is an upbeat, positive, uplifting childish and entertaining merry tune. Happy Easter.

Includes: Full version with fade out – 3:17 Looped version – 0:34 BPM 110