Hello and welcome to my second children’s music pack…it’s a corker!

8 fantastic, fun, light hearted pieces, ideal for cartoons and games:

Chalk n’ Cheese Mr.Chalk is a little white mouse who loves cheese. He will do just about anything to get his greedy little paws on some smelly old Cheddar. Listen to his theme tune as he scampers across the kitchen floor, up the table leg and onto the lovely clean table. What’s this? Some nice crackers to go with my lovely feast. Yummy This is a cheesy little Boogie Woogie number, full of cheek and fun. Ideal for cartoons, games or children’s programming.

Files included: Main tune 2:00 Loop Version 0:54 BPM 160

Hungarian Hamster Dance No.5 Henry the Hungarian Hamster is a master thief! He scuttles and creeps, stealing from the rich to fund his life of luxury. The police keep chasing him but he is a burglar extraordinaire. He leaves no clues as he grabs his swag and heads back to his den. Jewels, gems, bank notes and priceless works of art line his straw filled nest of villainy. As he counts his pile of wealth and treasure he dances about with glee, the clever little fellow! Would make a great silent movie, piano roll style piece in addition to children’s music uses.

Track Length 2:10 BPM 123

Mummy’s Boy The Curse of Rootentutenkamun! In the desert lies an ancient evil. Lost for centuries without his mummy and nobody to play with, the baby pharaoh has risen from the grave and is very very grumpy. Haunting his buried pyramid he wanders his tomb, sucking his golden, jewel encrusted dummy and playing hide and seek, practising his sorcery with his friendly old zombie chums. Who will dare to explore this mysterious Egyptian treasure trove? Will our brave adventurers make it out alive before the sands of time run out?

Files included: Main tune 2:15 Loop Version 0:48 BPM 100

The Quack Duck Blues Ducky go quack quack! This is a fun jazzy blues shuffle. It was written with children’s uses in mind but could quite happily be used for many different things. I dug into my influences a bit with hints of Oscar Peterson and Donald Fagen. Ideal for cartoons, games, advertising, radio, TV and the web. It is essentially a swinging jazz twelve bar with some interesting twists and turns and harmonic development. The piece plays out the melody on a quacking wah-wah funky clavinet and has solo sections on piano and organ. I played all the keys real time with no quantisation to make sure the tune had a loose, cool, natural vibe to it.

Files included: Main piece with fade 2:24 Loop version 1:36 (can be used on it’s own or as a clean extension) BPM 120

The Grumpy Monster’s Stomp The groovy grumpy monsters are here! They are cool man yeah! Hipster freaks and scary creeps! This is a theme for Ghouls, Vampires, Ghosts, mysterious investigations by kids and dogs and things that go bump in the night. At the Haunted House on the fairground these creatures of the night dance along to the upbeat cheesy organ noodling of the Bogeyman on his old 60’s comedy organ keys. Ideal for cartoons, games, tv, radio and advertising, maybe for Halloween.

Files included: Main theme with fade 2:31 Loop with no melody 0:48 Loop with melody 0:48 BPM 140

The Cuckoo Carousel Welcome to the funfare! All aboard the Cuckoo Carousel and let the music play. Children gather round for this Bavarian inspired Swiss romp through the alps and childlike imagination. A joyful, happy, playful, uplifting, nostalgic piece of fun for all the family. Perfect for cartoons, children’s programming, games, adverts and many other uses. This carnival inspired tune might also work as a Christmas festive theme.. Enjoy!

Files included: Main tune 2:00 Loop with melody 0:36 Loop without melody 0:18 BPM 160

Winfrey the Pig Where’s Winfrey? Can you find him? Is he at the farm? Is he snuffling about playing hide and seek? What game is he playing today? Join Winfrey the Pig on exciting adventures as he travels to worlds of his imagination and fantasy. He’s a happy little piggy who likes to have fun! This is a merry tune, ideal for children’s programming, computer games, cartoons and animation. It is simple, clean and playful nonsense.

Files included: Main File with fade 2:10 Loop Version 0:58 (can be used as an extension or on it’s own) BPM 108

Hey Bingo Come join Bingo at the circus for amazing sights and displays on the high-wire. This quirky piece is in three sections. The first is piano based, a mixture of honky tonk and ska. Then we move into a circus carnival section with descending synth effects. The final dramatic section ends with an almost Spanish/Mexican styled theme. It is a light hearted, childlike and playful piece with a party atmosphere and a sense of homuor and comedy cartoon fun. Ideal for children’s programming or educational projects.

Track Length 1:12 BPM 142