This is a cute little song perfect for advertisements films or movies,
played by a pizzicato cello, glockenspiel and bassoon.
Simple and uplifting! It spreads a very happy feling.

Included are both, mp3 & wav files.

You get five different versions:
-Cheerful Commercial Bell 30sec 0:30 (with Glockenspiel Melody)
-Cheerful Commercial Piano 30sec 0:30 (with Piano Melody) in preview after 0:30
-Cheerful Commercial no accomp Piano 30sec 0:30
(with Glockenspiel, no Piano accomp.) in preview after 1:00
-Cheerful Commercial Bell 60sec 0:59 (longer version with Glockenspiel Melody)in preview after 1:30
-Cheerful Commercial Piano 60sec 0:59 (longer version with Piano Melody) in preview after 2:30
Please don’t hesitate to contact me for further versions, matching your project perfectly!

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If you purchase this track for your project, please send me a link through my Profile page or Twitter, and I’ll help you promote it. Thank you very much!

VideoHive Authors: You are very welcome to use my songs in your projects, just drop me a line so i can link back to you!

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