Carefree Days

Carefree Days


Strolling through the neighborhood on a spring day, walking the dog, headphones in, and totally carefree. Unexpected stops made along the way to greet neighbors lounging on the stoops or porches of their respective residences, enjoying a refreshing beverage. Friendly exchanges occur before moving on to the next stop—whether the destination is a rooftop BBQ, an outdoor café, or just meeting up with friends, this song emits positivity and excellent company.

Optimistic acoustic pop featuring memorable guitar, bright piano, bouncy drums and bass, decorated with shiny bell highlights to emit happiness and a stress-free stroll around the neighborhood. This song is excellent for videos featuring subjects that are on-the-go, that demonstrate their desire to obtain their goal while maintaining a positive attitude.

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Happy TV and Radio Advertisements | Youtube Videos | Positive Video Intros | Podcasts | Viral Marketing | Children Videos | iPhone/iPad/Android Apps

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