Car Trouble near the Demon Gate

Car Trouble near the Demon Gate



This is an atmospheric ambient soundtrack which takes the listener into an atmosphere which is quite eerie, desolate and scary. It can be used for background music or underscoring in video games, videos or perhaps even your real-life Halloween-event!

The track starts off with the sound of rain, thunderstorm and heavy wind. Soon you hear some strange noises, and things snapping off. Treeleaves are flying by you. As time progresses the bad weather intensifies, as does the things snappings off and flying by you. You hear an ever-increasing sound of hordes of imps; they become more and more. While the pulling force of the demon gate grows stronger, everything intensifies, you’ll hear trees and branches break off and fly by you towards the demon gate. While you loose control over yourself the track makes the strange sounds you hear become lower and lower, slower and slower, while in the meanwhile you hear a rising sound coming from the demon gate. At the ending of the track the natural sounds will fade away, while the creature sounds will grow stronger. Finally the track fades into silentness.

Artistic Description

“Oh, what a day… what a terrible, lousy day!”, you say aloud to yourself while you exit your car which just gave up on you. Now there you are, on the country-side in the middle of nowhere. It’s raining, a thunderstorm has just begun to come up and black smoke is coming from your car’s engine. While inspecting your car’s engine you realize there’s nothing that can be done to fix it. While it will take hours to get home from here, there’s no other alternative than to just walk. As the optimist you are you laugh and think by yourself: “Ah well, I’m totally soaked from the rain now anyway since being out of my car for 10 seconds. Let’s just get this over with and head home.”

So there you are, walking in the middle of the night, on the country-side in the middle of nowhere, through the rain and increasing thunderstorm. While you walk ahead you suddenly begin to feel uncomfortable and dizzy. As you walk onwards the feeling gets stronger and stronger. In the meanwhile the rain and thunderstorm are getting heavier and heavier. A bit dazed you close your eyes for a moment and when you open them again you see a vague, short lightflash some hundreds meters ahead. As you walk onwards you see the lightflash occur again, and again, ever becoming brighter. The closer you get, the more uncomfortable you start to feel. You see treeleaves flying around you in the direction you’re heading, towards where the lightflashing is coming from.

Just being about 100 meters away from the lightflashes, a huge, bright white-blueish lightflash appears. You hear the squeeling of little creatures. Birds? Chipmunks? Neither of those… This does not sound natural; it’s almost like little demons. Imps! As you squeeze your eyes you see hordes of little creatures coming from the ground. They’re red and black, with long, sharp tails, and glowing eyes. They make the strangest noises. Imps indeed! They’re coming from a hole in the ground from which an intensifying light radiates. The hole seems to grow bigger. The treeleaves around you are all heading there. You feel more uncomfortable and you feel like the hole has a grasp on you and is pulling you towards it; ever stronger and stronger. A rock flies by towards the hole! More and more strange-sounding creatures are coming from the hole and as you cannot withstand the grasp anymore, you hold yourself to a tree. In panic you look around yourself. More and more things are being pulled into the hole. There’s a big tree, wholy bend over towards it. It breaks off and the tree gets sucked in. Gone it is! Desperately you look at the tree you’re firmly clamping yourself on to, only to find out it’s bending towards the hole as well.

You are loosing your grip. “How many imps are there coming from there?! What’s that huge thing coming from the ground?! Would that be their mighty demon lord?!” You… you… “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh”! You cannot think clearly anymore, everything is getting blurry, you feel like your spirit is floating away while the sound of those countless imps gets louder and louder, yet the sound of the rain starts to fade away…

How does it end? I will not tell you. Have a listen and find out for yourself!


This track is delivered in two file formats: a high quality WAV-format (industry standard 16-bit stereo 44.1kHz) and a high quality MP3-format (320kBs stereo). The total number of files is thus 2.

  • tmbhlwn_cartrouble_near_the_demon_gate.wav/.mp3: 5 minutes

Tombstone Halloween Collection

This soundtrack is part of Tombstone Halloween Collection, which contains a total of 5 atmospheric ambient sound tracks, where every track brings yet another eerie, desolate and scary atmosphere. Every track has its own unique setting and story to tell. Every track in the collection has a length of exactly 5 minutes making for a total length of 25 minutes! Through fading in and out at the beginnings and endings of the tracks, they can be overlapped with any of the other tracks in the collection for continuous playback or constant and smooth changing of scenery.



If you need an altered version of this item, e.g. another tempo, another key, or a specific stem, then feel free to contact me to discuss the possibilities.

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