“Business is all good” is a very happy, motivational, inspiring track; best suitable for advertising, business video clips, games etc.

It contains the feeling that everything is, and will be good, positive and alright. :) Freedom and happiness is the main idea of this track. It is also suitable for a voice over. Just record your own vocals on it and have fun. :)

It starts with a happy, positive guitar and piano melody and builds up to a very happy and inspiring theme song. It’s the right track for all kinds of projects!

It’s a happy-clappy song! :)

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The ZIP file contains WAV and MP3 files:
  • Business is all good (2:02) – original track.
  • Business is all good loop (1:04) – a loopable version.
  • Business is all good shorter version (1:49) – with a shorter break.
  • Business is all good last loop plus the ending (0:19) – so you can arrange the end of the track when you like it.
  • Business is all good ending (0:10) – so you can arrange the end of the track when you like it.
Thanks for purchasing! :)

See it in action:

Corporate Presentation

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