Dreamy track with guitar, saw synth and wide pad. Good for modern presentation and background music. A little bit technological but mostly motivational.

Additional bonus versions included!

Zip file contains:
1)Burning Horizon (full version) — 2:38
2)Burning Horizon (short version) — 1:44
3)Burning Horizon (logo version) — 0:44
4)Burning Horizon (loop 1)— 0:34
5)Burning Horizon (loop 2)— 0:17

Check out latest best tracks:
1. My Way Is Open [2:55] — Airy track with synth strings, guitars and piano. (+ bonus)
2. Time Has Come [2:33] — Acoustic guitar meets electric with distortion and synth-like one. (+ bonus).
3. Big Pink Glasses [2:19] — Pop rock track with dreamy piano and heavy power chords. (+ bonus).
4. It’s Just Beginning [2:09] — Very life-asserting and hopeful track. (+ bonus).
5. Leader Orchestra [2:05] — Here is gentle track with string orchestra and wide fat synth.
6. Dream Pop Orchestra [2:25] — Modern orchestra(strings) sound and dream ambient synths.

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