This uplifting/motivational track starts off with an infectious/strumming ukulele, along with the beat of a strong kick drum. Finger snaps are then added for a soft/airy atmosphere. Then enters the simple yet catchy piano melody, then joined together with the sound of joyous bells. The track continues to build, then explodes into a great chorus with the addition of full drums, tambourine, and claps. The song takes an unexpected turn into a slowly building bridge. After the tension is built, the song make a seamless transition back into the opening section with the addition of an accordion and bells.

This track will be sure to lift the spirits of anyone who views it. This uplifting/happy track will be sure to fill any of your corporate needs.

This .zip file includes 4 different versions:
  • Bright Future (Full Version): 1:29
  • Bright Future (No Drums): 1:29
  • Bright Future (Shorter Version): 0:58
  • Bright Future (Uke, Piano, Bells, Tambourine Only): 1:29

YouTube Users

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OR You can send me a message with your information and video URL, and I’ll take care of it for you! I’ll even put in a request to “whitelist” your channel so that this doesn’t happen again when you use my music. PRODUCERS WITH CLIENTS: If you need your clients’ channel cleared before handing over the final product, contact me through my profile page and we’ll get you squared away.

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Both .WAV and .MP3 files are included for each version!

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