Breaking News is the news theme you are looking for to add energy to your News project. It follows a recognizable percussive news sound, complete with majestic brass instruments and percussion to hammer home that huge news feel, as if something important and noteworthy were being reported on. The use of brass and the inspirational fanfare feel also lends the song to be used for sporting events and Olympic heroes or sports teams majestically overcoming obstacles kind-of-feel. This song includes 2 loops that can be heard in the preview above.

Included in this purchase are the following files:
  • Breaking News, WAV & MP3 included, 2:21 (0:00-2:21 in preview).
  • Breaking News Loop 1, WAV & MP3 included, 0:38 (2:21-3:00 in preview.
  • Breaking News Loop 2, WAV & MP3 included, 0:19 (3:01-3:20 in preview.

Music by Phil Larson

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