This is a pack of 5 tracks that feature a consistent bright, summery feel. All tracks are 128 BPM, and all have loopable versions as well as versions with an ending.

Blue Skies And Flowers

BlueSkiesAndFlowers1_128_Loop_JHungerX.wav (0:59)
BlueSkiesAndFlowers1_128_Ending_JHungerX.wav (1:04)

Blue Skies And Flowers 2

BlueSkiesAndFlowers2_128_Ending_JHungerX.wav (1:05)
BlueSkiesAndFlowers2_128_Loop_JHungerX.wav (:59)

Blue Skies And Flowers 3

BlueSkiesAndFlowers3_128_Ending_JHungerX.wav (1:06)
BlueSkiesAndFlowers3_128_Loop_JHungerX.wav (:59)

Blue Skies And Flowers 4

BlueSkiesAndFlowers4_128_Loop_JHungerX.wav (:59)
BlueSkiesAndFlowers4_128_Ending_JHungerX.wav (1:03)

Blue Skies And Flowers 5

BlueSkiesAndFlowers5_128_Loop_JHungerX.wav (:59)
BlueSkiesAndFlowers5_128_Ending_JHungerX.wav (1:05)

Blue Skies And Flowers:

This happy go lucky track is driven by strummed acoustic guitar and a simple piano melody, accompanied by electric piano and some pads. Super positive and optimistic, but at the same time mellow and down to earth, this song evokes childlike images of happiness and peace.

Blue Skies And Flowers 2:

Driven by a strummed acoustic guitar and a friendly piano melody, this song is laid back, earthy, and fun. Loving and peaceful, but also moderate to fast paced, this song is innocent, positive and optimistic.

Blue Skies And Flowers 3:

Driven by a strummed acoustic guitar and a piano melody, this song drives along at a moderate to brisk pace. Happy, woody, and folksy, this song evokes images of optimism and a positive summer day.

Blue Skies And Flowers 4:

Driven by a strummed acoustic guitar and light piano and electric piano melodies, this song moves along at a brisk pace, evoking images of optimism and summer fun. Friendly and childlike, this is a great positive background track for many video applications.

Blue Skies And Flowers 5:

Driven by an acoustic guitar and light piano, this cheery upbeat tune is sunny and positive.

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