This is a stereo Sound Pack featuring a food blender. The blender is used to blend different objects and is recorded from different angles to provide a variety of sounds to chose from.

There is a variety of pitches and perceived loudness(es) to chose from in this pack. These Files can be looped, combined and can fit any part in any project.

This can even be used in musical works to add a special sparkle to them!

Files included:

  • Blender 1 (0:09)
  • Blender 2 Stronger and Longer (0:11)
  • Blender 3 With Pauses (0:09)
  • Blender 4 Nonstop (0:09)
  • Blender 5 Nonstop Higher (0:06)
  • Blender 6 Short (0:03)

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