Pop rock track with dreamy piano and heavy power chords. Very strong and hopeful composition. It’s sounds like modern pop rock track. Dialogue of guitar with piano.

Track + BONUS variations:
Big Pink Glasses (full version) — 2:19
Big Pink Glasses (short version) — 1:27
Big Pink Glasses (logo version) — 0:41

Check out another fresh tracks:
0. It’s Just Beginning [2:09] — Very life-asserting and hopeful track. (+ bonus variations).
1. Growth Symphony [2:07] — Impetuous growth of all aspects of life (+ bonus variations).
2. Hope Ensemble [2:10] — This track with orchestral strings, modern drums and bright piano.
3. Rising Dream Symphony [2:25] — Modern pop or pop rock hit.
4. New Day Orchestra] [2:04] — Orchestra that plays in modern house rhythmic.
5. Street Walker [2:32] — Track is very light and easy.
6. Teamwork [2:09] — Filled with optimistic rock guitar and keys (+ bonus variations).
7. Idea Spark [2:21] — Well combined synth with dense guitar sound (+ bonus variations) .
8. Changes [2:04] — Optimistic and slightly rocky track. It breathes with intensiveness.

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