Big Horror Pack SFX

Big Horror Pack SFX

Large pack scary and paranormal horror sound effects for scoring horror films and games. Here you will find fear transitions; dark whooshes, swishes and sweeps; powerful impacts, hit, push and sub bass impulses; background frightening sounds to give the mystical atmosphere. A total of 18 high-quality FX.

A new sound pack with similar themes: Scary Horror SFX Pack


1. Intense Moment (0:13)
2. Cinematic Impact (0:04)
3. Fear Sound Effect (0:03)
4. Intense Moment of Horror (0:11)
5. Sub Bass Stream (0:04)
6. Strong Whoosh FX (0:11) + free bonus: panning version (0:11)
7. Devil Voice Impact (0:04)
8. Vile Elusive Airflow (0:16)
9. Sub Bass Impulse (0:04)
10.Tense Moment (0:06)
11.Horror Mystical Atmosphere (0:31)
12.Cinematic Sub Impact (0:02)
13.Horror Splash (0:16)
14.Dark Whoosh (0:04)
15.Dark Delay Impact (0:06)
16.Sinister Ambience (1:36) – loop
17.Cinematic Whoosh (0:06) + free bonus: panning version (0:06)
18.Horror Atmosphere (0:17)

With the second part can be found here.