Big Dreams To Take Over The World

Wild Heart - Tim McMorris

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“Big Dreams To Take Over The World” is an exciting, energetic, loud and innovative piece that aims to inspire. The song is quick and to the point and doesn’t waste time grabbing your audience’s attention either!

The track features fully produced vocals and will work excellently in commercial television, film, documentaries and well,..... you get the idea :)

As far as themes and concepts go, some ideas that immediately come to mind are sports, politics, activism, adventure and anything where a larger than life anthem is needed.

As always, thanks for the purchases and continued support!

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Big lights and
Bright colours
The future is drawing near, with

New thoughts and, ideas
My dreams, they all start right here

So I take a step, and time will tell
I’m filling up high, like a wishing well

I got, Ohhh,
Big dreams to take over the world

Ya, I woke up in the morning with a taste for revolution
I got a plan upon the paper, ready for the execution
Ya with my hands in the air, reaching out to grab this freedom
And the signs are really clear, it’s just some don’t know how to read them

Let’s take it up from here
And watch the problems as they dissapear
A new days coming now across the land
I found the key, open the lock inside my hand

I got, Ohhh,
Big dreams to take over the world