This powerful and enthusiastic corporate track is intended to emphasize the feeling of success, achievement and finding the right solution. It doesn’t restrain in expressing a lot of enthusiasm and optimism, so it will suit the corporate projects that call for a strong and successful feeling. This kind of background music will be ideal for making powerful corporate presentations and video advertisements.

The main themes are played on powerful synth leads, accompanied with rhytm accoustic guitar, bass, pop-rock drums, piano chords, strings and synth pads in background.

The archive file contains both MP3 and WAV formats, both looped and faded out versions:

3:32 – BestDayEver_fade.mp3
3:32 – BestDayEver_fade.wav
3:32 – BestDayEver_loop.mp3
3:32 – BestDayEver_loop.wav

This track is also available at a lower price in this music pack:
- Successful Business Pack

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