ATTENTION: Each song contains a piano solo version in the archive.

1. Song: Sparks in Air

A music full of emotions that are transmitted to the listener, this simple but sweet melody on the piano, accompanied by synth pad that create an atmosphere moving.

In the archive are 3 versions of this song:

Full Version (2:07)

2 Version (2:07)

Piano Version (2:07)

IN THE PREVIEW FROM 0:00 TO 2:06 (2:06)

2. Song: Jumping Into History

A song motivating and inspiring, thanks to the sweet melody of the piano, accompanied by synthesizers. Suitable for any project, slideshows, presentations of products or services. Try the preview in your project, you’ll see that add a touch of quality.

Jumping Into History (3:22)

Jumping Into History (Piano Version – 3:22)

IN THE PREVIEW FROM 2:08 TO 5:28 (3:20)

3. Song: Piano Inspirational

A piano piece very exciting and motivating, suitable for any romantic or sentimental video.

IN THE PREVIEW FROM 5:30 TO 7:12 (1:42)