Give your project the perfect mood with these rich and beautiful piano songs. This piano pack includes six stunning piano songs covering every type of emotion. Uplifting, positive, romantic, sad, emotional and nostalgic emotions are all brought forth with these passionate pieces.

This Music pack includes:

Uplifted Heart (0:50) – A positive and inspirational piano song, useful as a deep and haunting background for your project.

Love Is In The Air ( 1:22) – A soft relaxing piano piece complemented by cellos.

The Racing Mind (1:28) – A piano piece that creates a feeling of uncertainty and intrigue.

Memories (1:32) – A soft and soothing piano melody perfect for creating a sentimental or nostalgic moment.

Unsettled Souls (1:21) – A very emotional and somewhat sad piano piece. The flowing piano will carry the listener through many emotions.

A New Beginning (1:04) – A positive and uplifting piano piece. It is the perfect piece to portray hope and optimism for the future.

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