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Sounds Good!
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Thank you my friend!

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why i got denied ?

i pay it once with my Credit card, and even tried to buy it 2 times with my PayPal ( same Credit card ) My bank Charged me 20$ for the products already. but i dont get the download link….

but i got this inside my paypal account : ” Invoice ID: 31cc3b360a7a11e49936b8ca3a6774f8 Date: Jul 13, 2014 Time: 17:41:36 GMT+07:00 Status: Denied “

and then i got this ” Your purchase of Be Free was unable to be processed by PayPal. Please try using a different credit card, or we also support Skrill deposits. “

Please help ! i really want to buy this song !

i’m sorry for my bad english, but someone please help !

My email : Pal.production.hcm@gmail.com please help ! i love this song !


Hi, Pal Production. You should open a ticket to Envato staff. Author of music can not help you with this question. Thank you for attention for the music. I hope you your problem will be solved soon.