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About The File/s:

Track/s In File:
“Ascension (Vox)” – 3:51
“Ascension (No Vox)” – 3:51
“Ascension (Alt Vox)” – 2:22
“Ascension (Alt No Vox)” – 2:22
“Ascension (Alt Orch)” – 2:20




Track Summery
This track starts off slow and low. With soft female soloist singing in an angelic voice. Sustained strings, assorted mallet percussion and synth pads build into a beautiful sea of string melody. Flowing and soothing to the ear, combined with the angelic voices of a boy choir. The track ends with a build in with drums and a slow fade out with said percussion elements. Perfect for a dramatic yet cinematic touch to your projects and films. Add a sense of emotion with, Ascension.

There are five different mixes available of this track. The “Vox” stands for vocals. Vox = vocals, No Vox = no vocals. The “Alt” stands for alternative. This is a different cut from the original material. In this case, it is the second phrase of the song where all of the strings come together. The “Orch” is an orchestral version. Only elements found in a real orchestra will be in this mix (No synth pads or percussion elements not usually found in orchestral music will be featured).



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