Appearing Sounds Set 2

This set is produced mostly for computer interface of games and applications (software), for appearance of the tabs, alerts, pop-up menus, windows in generally, when user hovers over them or click on them; meanwhile it can be successfully used in video production for the transition and movement effects.
Here are all the files:

  • Appearance Sound – 1.wav – 2.0sec
  • Appearance Sound – 2.wav – 2.1sec
  • Appearance Sound – 3.wav – 2.1sec
  • Appearance Sound – 4.wav – 0.8sec
  • Appearance Sound – 5.wav – 2.1sec

Here’s the set of the opposite action: Disappearing Sounds 2

You might also be interested in my first set of this type of effects. You can notice that this particular set (set 2) has more complex and subtle sounds, but if you want some simple and classic appearance-sfx, check that first set.

If you want some custom edition of this piece, feel free to contact me. In simple cases this can be done fast and for free.

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