Appearing And Disappearing Sounds Set

Appearing And Disappearing Sounds Set
This set is produced mostly for computer interface of games and applications (software), for appearance and disappearance of the tabs, alerts, pop-up menus, windows in generally, when user hovers over them or click on them. Single sounds are named after its characteristic features (“Ap” stands for “appear”, “Ds” for “disappear”):

1. Simple Straight – Ap (2sec)
1. Simple Straight – Ds (2sec)
2. Dynamic – Ap (2sec)
2. Dynamic – Ds (2sec)
3. Delayed – Ap (2sec)
3. Delayed – Ds (2sec)
4. Metallic – Ap (3sec)
4. Metallic – Ds (3sec)
5. Big-room – Ap (2sec)
5. Big-room – Ds (2sec)
6. Energetic – Ap (1sec)
6. Energetic – Ds (1sec)

So, apparently, you have a whole dozen of items for large variety of projects. Good deal, isn’t it?

If you want some custom edition of this piece, feel free to contact me. In simple cases this can be done fast and for free.

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