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A discounted pack featuring multiple tracks in this style.


The Apocalypse! The End Of The World. Everyone has their own track or piece of music that they might want to have represent this event, and this is my interpretation of the theme, which is basically a lot of different musical elements blended together.

Driving guitars. Check. Wailing vocals. Check. Power drums. Check. Big orchestra. Check. Booms. Check!

The opening from 0:00 – 0:48 represents a prelude of what is to come, hence the emphasis on mournful and sorrowful vocals. The track then comes to life at 0:49 where there is a buildup and rise in tension (emphasized by a long grinding crescendo / glissando on the strings and percussion).

The track explodes into life at 0:59 where all hell starts to break loose. The orchestra enters at 1:10 along with rock guitar, and this is all accompanied by a driving drum beat and synth bass. This idea is repeated with the wailing vocals and gradually increases to the climax point at 2:00. Apocalypse has very much happened, and all that remains is an echo of the music that has come before, along with one final ‘explosion’ at the end.

Very useful for trailers (the track was designed with the typical trailer structure in mind) and ‘power’ presentations.


Newest Track:

A simple, catchy, upbeat track with a very memorable tune.