Announcer Basic Game Phrases


About these sounds.

A handful of common game-related phrases, featuring an upbeat, encouraging male announcer style voice, with subtle audio processing for added polish and impact. Ready to go in your all your game and app projects!

Included Tracks.

There are 5 common phrases included, each with 2 unique takes for additional choice/variation. Here they are in order of appearance in the audio preview track:

  1. You Win 1 (0:02)
  2. You Win 2 (0:03)
  3. Bonus Round 1 (0:02)
  4. Bonus Round 2 (0:02)
  5. Try Again 1 (0:02)
  6. Try Again 2 (0:02)
  7. You Lose 1 (0:02)
  8. You Lose 2 (0:02)
  9. Game Over 1 (0:02)
  10. Game Over 2 (0:02)

Each variation is its own separate file, included as both a full resolution WAV as well as a high quality MP3.

Thank you!

Thank you in advance for your purchase, and please feel free to contact me with any of your sound or music needs!