Amazing Lifetime Corporate Rock Pack

About This Pack:

Save 50% of your money! Five inspiring corporate rock tracks with great motivational mood in one pack. Music for presentations and advertising, podcasts and motion picture. Confident atmosphere and happy mood. Full and short versions in wav and mp3 included.


1) Amazing Lifetime – 3:39

Inspirational pop-rock music with happy piano melody supported by spiccato strings. Acoustic guitar makes this track bright and fresh. Evolving intro leads to very energetic main part and after touching breakdown evolving to culmination and creative ending. Many versions of this track will fit different kinds of projects – commercial presentations, corporate events, advertisement, podcasts, YouTube videos and other.

2) Privilege To Be The Best – 3:08

It is good to be on top of the world! New inspirational pop-rock music with cheerful melodies. Lead guitar, strings and piano are making the atmosphere of success and joy. Good choice to use it as background music for advertising, commercials, business corporate presentations, product promo and in YouTube videos. Different versions in archive – both in wav and mp3.

3) Looking Forward – 2:16

Strings intro leads to energetic drums with contemporary melody and arrangement. Lead guitar and inspiring piano melody provide bright and inspiring mood. Fresh and new melodic corporate track suitable for many purposes – videos, presentations, advertisements and many other. Three versions are included for your convenience

4) Soft Rock Advertisement – 1:10

Positive tune with melodic piano intro and lead guitar provide great atmosphere of success and joy. Good for advertising video or motivational presentations

5) Soft Rock Advertisement 2 – 0:29

Easy listening soft rock with advertisement ready arrangement. Positive mood and uplifting atmosphere! Ideal for advertising, product presentation or corporate needs.