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OSLADY Purchased

I love this piece… we used it for a figure skating site and the music just perfectly embodies the joy of skating and performing, and the camaraderie that skaters of all ages have. Thanks much! “Phoenix Synchro”: http://www.phoenixsynchro.com/Gallery.html


That’s really nice and wonderful, thanks so much for choosing my music! :):)

Hey ADG .. it kinda reminds me of Hans Zimmer type of style.. I love that stuff.

that was perfect

Thanks guys!! :)

reminds me insaniquarium game from http://popcap.com

great! i love it :D

This is great for an up and coming company website that is emerging out of the ordinary.

edmundos Purchased

Just what I was looking for. :)

impressive man, you’ll reach 100 soon! :D

Heh, it feels almost like a Wii ad :)

Thanks guys :):)

Beautiful track!!

Nice One…..very St. Elmo’s Fire type music.

Beautiful music, very nice sound!

Doesn’t quite loop perfectly, but that’s relatively easy to fix. Still well worth it though as it’s a great track. Thanks!

Excellent work! Very pleasant to the ear.


Thank you!